Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders

If you have low credit scores, past bankruptcies or even a foreclosure do not fear, because our lenders specialize in bad credit mortgages for home buying and refinancing. Our lending company was founded in an effort to offer affordable finance solutions for borrowers with less than perfect credit.

Even if other mortgage brokers have turned you down, our lenders still want to help you get approved for home loans with bad credit. Our lenders have many years of experience financing people with challenged credit and negative home equity problems.

Mortgage Lenders

Get a 2nd Chance with Lenders for Bad Credit Financing

If you are shopping online for but continue to get rejected by loan companies because of low credit scores or derogatory credit, rest assured you have found the right website.

Our network of bad credit lenders provides subprime, VA and FHA mortgage programs for all types of borrowers. FHA rates have never been lower!

Our underwriters understand the hardships and financial obstacles you have endured, and they have created equity loans and refinancing options with that in mind.

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Many homeowners have bad credit, but they still want to find the best mortgage rates possible, because the lower the rate, the lower the monthly mortgage payment will be. Unfortunately, there are times when qualifying for a mortgage with a higher interest rate makes sense financially, because you end up saving more money at a time when every penny counts.