Bad Credit Home Equity Loans
Equity Loan Solutions for Savvy Homeowners

Our subprime lending team looks beyond your credit scores by extending equity loans for bad credit borrowers. Even if others have turned you down, our Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders want to earn your home equity business today and for the years to come.

In 2011 we continue to see record low interest rates, but across the board lenders continue to tighten guidelines. Most subprime loan companies have disappeared completely. The bad credit equity loan programs that are left have seen dramatic changes with most lenders demanding more equity and higher credit scores. With depreciating property values countrywide, requesting more equity from distressed borrowers squeezes most homeowners to the point of not qualifying in most cases. We have built our company on the premise of taking chances by offering affordable refinance loan programs to good people who happen to have poor credit scores. If you have compensating factors and can demonstrate the ability to pay an equity loan payment each month, we likely have solution for your financial needs.

Get Cash from a Low Rate Equity Loan, Regardless of Your Credit Score

Reap the benefits from our bad credit equity loan program with sub-prime guidelines for underwriting home equity loans for people with bad credit. If you are shopping online for better equity loan terms to get cash or consolidate debt, then we are the right bad credit mortgage company to help you get the best equity loan for your situation. Our refinancing specialists offer the best cash out solutions because we partner you with the best home equity lenders so you can lower the monthly 2nd loan payments and pocket the savings. Our lending team will help you get pre-qualified for an equity loan online, so that you can receive cash back for home improvements, investments, debt consolidation and refinancing.

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Many consumers have bad credit, but they still want to find the best home equity rates possible. Homeowners that qualify for lower rates will reduce their expenses because a lower equity loan payment increases cash flow as well.

Taking out a home equity mortgage offers many financial advantages when used properly because if you use the funds to consolidate credit card debt into a mortgage you save money and maximize tax benefits because equity loans are tax deductible to 100,000 in most cases. Our non-prime programs are truly unique because finding a home loan for bad credit is extremely different in this new era of responsible lending. Whether you have late payments, chapter 7 bankruptcies, a foreclosure or simply low credit scores, we have multiple equity loans for borrowers with less than perfect credit scores.

Please take a minute and complete or quick loan quote that costs nothing nor does it obligate you to get an equity loan from us. By completing our short application, you will get pre-qualified from a loan professional with quote for loan options with interest rates and payment information if you are interested.